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E- P.O Box

It is a secure and fixed postal address consisting of a code and number given to customers to enable them to receive incoming postal materials, whether internal or external, with an array of delivery options without the need to own a box or key. The customers are only required to subscribe annually to this service.


Service Features :

  • Annual subscription
  • Owning a key or PO box is unnecessary
  • Copious delivery options 
  • Home delivery service is available for a fee
  • Accurate electronic notifications upon arrival of any mailing material including regular and promotional mail
  • Unlimited storage capacity
  • Free usage of the address by family members for a limited period

To know the difference between P.O. Box and E-P.O. Box Click Here

Channels for obtaining the service :

  • SPL Online
  • Branch 


Targeted customers :

  • Individuals
  • Government agencies
  • Business sector (companies, institutions)
  • Charities

Annual Subscription Fees:


  • Individuals (nationals and residents): 150.01 SAR for the principal subscriber.
  • Government authorities (head offices and main branches in administrative areas): 1720 SAR
  • Government authorities (branches in governorates, cities, and villages): 516.01 SAR
  • Companies (head office registration): 1720 SAR
  • Companies (company's branch registration): 516.01 SAR
  • Organizations (head office registration): 860 SAR
  • Organizations (organization's branch registration): 173.01 SAR
  • Charities (head office registration): 860 SAR
  • Charities (company's branch registration): 173.01 SAR
  • special needs individual: 115 SAR



Payment of fees :

  • UPG unified payment gateway
  • Client portfolio
  • Branch 


Delivery Options :

  • Office delivery (free)
  • Express service (free)
  • Home delivery (SAR 30 for each delivery)


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