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SPL represents our path to Saudi Post's transformation, highlighting our vision as a leading national group in providing logistics and postal services that deliver added value to our customers and serve as the link between Saudi Arabia and the world.

Yes, the identity change will be carried out in all assets of the owned and leased enterprise gradually and according to the budgets allocated to it and according to priority.

Change in itself is required in all aspects of life, and as a national institution that started the journey of the strategic transformation that requires such a development measure, which reflects the continuity of the institution, within a new intellectual system, and a work culture based on commercial standards, so that we can compete per the international standards applicable in this field.

SPL" is the new identity of Saudi Post, with a contemporary and new spirit, appearance, and vision in line with the future phase nature and the requirements.

Saudi Post "SPL" is still a government sector, but the transformation strategy is one of the key steps to transform the business model into a commercial-based business.

We will improve working hours and develop procedures to meet our customers' expectations and serve them better and faster.

Yes, "SPL" will provide the same products provided by Saudi Post while seeking to add and develop more postal and logistics products and services to keep pace with global changes to satisfy our customers of individuals and both government and private sectors.

Yes, the customer can login to his account with the same id.

Certainly, all our customers can benefit from Saudi Post branches' services with the old or new logo.

Certainly, there is a plan to gradually develop Saudi Post branches to the new design to provide a different experience for our customers, which may take some time given the large geographical spread.

Sure, there are many advantages and added premium services that "SPL" will offer. The customer will experience new products and services to be released with the new identity launch. It also provides a different customer experience in the new branches and clarity and ease of browsing the website and mobile apps.

Part of the development will include changing the titles of our accounts in order to be in line with the transformation and development of customer service, to be as follows:
• Website
• Smartphone App to be SPL online
• My Post Online to be SPL online
• Twitter SPL Account @SPL_KSA_online
• Instagram SPL Account SPL_KSA_online
• Facebook SPL Account
• LinkedIn SPL Account SPL-KSA-online
• Twitter Customer care @SPL_care

Yes, the change of the shipping and subscriptions services' titles as follows:
Current: EMS. New: Express
Current: Parcels. New: Economic
Current: Wasel Tijari. New: Tijari
Current: Wasel Alami. New: Alami
New services to be launched simultaneously and gradually with the launch of the new identity such as:
Awfer service: Annual subscription service with SPL services package and free shipments forwarding
Pick-up service for individuals: add an option to pick up the shipment from the customer's location to individuals
Tracking and proof of delivery to official mail service
E-commerce recovery service

No, there is no change with the new Identity implementation

No, all services provided by Saudi Post will be available to SPL customers

Yes, the goal is to make SPL services and products the first choice of our customers.

No, there is no price change for the current services due to identity change.

There is no need to update pre-concluded contracts, but the new identity will be inserted in the current and future contracts and agreements because rights and obligations didn't change; only the logo changed.

No, there will be no change in the national address.

No, the national address will not be separated from the new "SPL" identity and the national address will remain within the Saudi Post Services "SPL" after the identity change.

Yes, the national address support channels will continue to serve the customer.

To find your national address, click on the following link:

and then select your location on the map