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Money Transfer
  • Ersal is the first leading remittance’s company in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It is licensed by the Saudi Central Bank to provide money transfer services to any country in the world.
  • Ersal is connected through a huge network of correspondent banks in which they offer remittance services. Ersal also offers money transfer through the globally recognized Western Union (WU).
  • Ersal offered within a huge network of branches in the Kingdom through Saudi Post SPL branches and other standalone branches.
  • Ersal base their business on top of great financial and management expertise, and the expanding partnership between Saudi Post SPL and Alinma Bank.


  • Cash delivery to the beneficiary through correspondent banks in country of the beneficiary.
  • Cash delivery to the beneficiary through correspondent bank agencies in country of the beneficiary, in some countries.
  • Cash delivery to the beneficiary address in some countries.
  • Direct deposit to the beneficiary account at a local bank in the destination country.
  • Notifications service when a transaction is made or updated.
  • Global Western Union service in more than 200 countries and more than 500,000 agent locations worldwide.
  • Best remittance exchange rates in the Kingdom.
  • Fastest remittance to the beneficiary.
  • Least remittance fees in the Kingdom.

Ersal service is available at the following branches: