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Full Solution To Manage Your Reputation

  • Enhance You Store Ranking in Google Search

    We will guarantee continuous improvement for your store branches appearance in Google Search (Google Maps List)

  • Verify and Manage Your Business on Google Maps

    A simple way to manage all your business locations is by adding or updating information. Also, remove any duplicate locations on a range of 20 Kilos As the system will do a periodical check for your listing information for all your business branches to guarantee you the fulfilment of listing information

  • Chose The Right Comment From The Post Business Library or Your Own Library.

    To help you manage your comments and reply to your customers in a faster way with more effectiveness. We already prepaid comments for you in the Post Business library also you can make your own library for any comments that suit you and your customers.

  • Communicate with The Customers Live For More Than One Location.

    Communicate with customers and active the smart responses to help understand the customers in a faster way.

  • Share your post on social media, in one place.

    Scheduling your posts on social media (Google Maps, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook)

  • Heat Maps and General Performance Indicators Help You See Your Own Activity and The Activity of Your Competitors.

    Use the heat maps and the performance indicators in Google Maps that are based on the latest data from the reviewer or the most popular keywords on your competitors location to take the right action to reduce the risks and improve the results.

Know the Post Business through the Flollowing Video.

Whether it's about finding a hotel, a place to dine, or choosing a doctor for the family, customers care about comments. Respond to consumers and take advantage of the unique features of the Post Business platform to manage your feedback to exceed customer expectations and increase customer satisfaction.

Spiegel Research Center 2018
Online Appearance

Enhancing your search engine visibility on Google and other major platforms is depends on the consistency, completeness, and accuracy of your business data.

Enhance the performance

The dissatisfaction of your customers is the biggest and most important source of your learning. Leverage from the power of real-time feedback to deliver a unique experience and stand out from the competition.

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